Life Member - David Linting

David Linting, (1939-1998)(Left, John Bentley, right)
Third Life Member of the Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Cricket Club, conferred in_____

While the contributions of David Linting  were vastly different to the other life members, they were nevertheless significant.

Stricken with poliomyelitis at the age of five, he did not play the sport but he firstly found involvement as a scorer with a pub team playing in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

When he moved to the Shoalhaven as a young man he scored for Berry for more than a decade, and that ended when the northern club dropped out of first grade.
At different times he was involved with Albatross and Nowra Warriors clubs, but he enjoyed a longer period with Ex-Servicemen where in addition to scoring, he served as a selector and on the committee.

In 1972 he qualified as an umpire and officiated for a time, but his lack of mobility resulted in his returning to the scorebook.

David was employed as a clerk with the Dairy Authority of NSW, and these skills translated to the tasks of scoring where he was most efficient.

While scoring each delivery, he simultaneously kept the scoresheet up to date, writing in the name of the batsman as he walked to the centre, and the name of the bowler as he measured out his run.

His knowledge of the sport was considerable, and those who shared a seat in his car while he scored Ex-Servicemen’s matches at Artie Smith No. 1 Oval enjoyed debating the game in progress, or the sport on the wider stage.