Life Member - Bill Kerr

BILL KERR, (1931 - 2011)
Fourth Life Member of the Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Cricket Club, conferred in 1985

Bill Kerr’s (1931 -2011) introduction to Shoalhaven cricket was with the Albatross club in 1949-50,and he also had a stint with Pyree, playing with it in the 1955-56 grand final. However this aggressive top order batsman and wicketkeeper was soon back at Albatross and had gained umpiring qualifications, standing in the match between the touring Fijians and the Illawarra Cricket Council side at Nowra in 1960.

He joined Ex-Servicemen in 1961-62, and in his third game this aggressive top order right-hander scored the club’s first ever century, 111 against Berry. He went back to Albatross for three seasons, but returned to Ex-Servicemen in 1967-68 and played in two further premierships.

His ability was shown during the 1970-71 final series when he scored 42 in each match. The team was in trouble in the grand final when five of the top order had contributed just 13 runs between them, but coming in at seven, Kerr steaded his side and it passed Bomaderry’s 139 with two wickets in hand. The South Coast Register reported that “Bill Kerr has never played a finer innings, and restrained as it was, it was an innings that will be remembered by his team for many years to come.”

Bill had scored his third century with Ex-Servicemen firsts in 1969-70, and this record would not be beaten until 2001-02. When he retired in 1978-79, he had scored 2031 first grade runs for the club, but an extensive career with the Royal Australian Navy had also allowed him to play in seven overseas countries.

He has the rare distinction of being made a life member of two SDCA clubs, Albatross (1978-79) and Ex-Servicemen (1985-86).